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Ansible galaxy is a portal that contains various ansible-roles that reside on github and that could be installed locally using the ansible-galaxy command. This tag could be added to questions that are about problems that could arise when roles could not be removed or added from this portal.

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Unable to login as `ubuntu` user on ec2 instance spawned from auto scaling group

Utilizing Ansible AWS modules, I'm creating an AMI from an existing EC2 instance where I am able to ssh with both my user and default account (ubuntu). After the AMI is in a ready state, I then create ...
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ansible mysql query not showing results

I have used community.mysql collection and was able to run a query against the database. --- - name: Get stats of a file hosts: localhost become: true tasks: - name: run mysql query ...
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ansible & jinja2: How to reference JSON structure items whose keys are variables?

I am using ansible's module to get information about a server certificate on aws ec2, and registering it as a variable "server_cert_info_result" ...
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How to verify hashes of Ansible Galaxy dependencies?

From a security perspective, I don't like the idea of relying only on Git tags, as they could be moved later. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of an official solution to enforce checks. This is the best ...
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Ansible authorized copy from remote source to remote destination

How to use ansible authorized_key to authorize a ServerA (not the controller machine) to access Server B. Scenario: Need a playbook to execute from a ansible controller that should append ...
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How to remove a non-existing GitHub Ansible role from Galaxy?

According to this documentation it is possible to remove a role from Galaxy, but the following fails: ansible-galaxy login succeeded ansible-galaxy delete 030 ...
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