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Unable to Access Node.js Application on Internet deployed under SAP BTP Kyma Environment

I have deployed a Node.js application in the SAP BTP Kyma environment. I have enabled Istio sidecar injection in my namespace and created an API Rule to expose my service to the internet. However, I ...
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How to test the connection from AWS to an on-premise, private API?

I have an API running in an on-premise K8s cluster. I plan to use AWS for load balancing/access/auth/etc to expose this API to the public internet. To forward requests from AWS to my API, I am ...
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how to secure Kong Admin Api?

I'm setting up the Kong gateway manager locally using Docker. the requests will be sent to localhost:8000, and admin will be available in localhost:8002. How can I secure these ports locally when ...
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proxy in a docker container implemented only with iptables - refuses connection

We need to implement a proxy only by using iptables in a container and all traffic from other containers use this container to reach internet. Additionally in this proxy, drop trafffic to ...
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Setting up Keycloak with Kong v5.1

I found a tutorial how to setup kong with two open source plugins to get keycloak working with kong, but unfortunately it is 2 years old and I ran in troubles. Most of the steps still worked and I was ...
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IAM Permissions issue in API Gateway Deployment

AWS threw a below error saying the user doesn't have access to apigateway:TagResource permission, but when I checklist of available permissions in the IAM console, I'm not able to find any such ...
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How do I implement user authentication and management in Kubernetes?

I'm trying to architect a micro-service application, that runs in Kubernetes. It consists of several RESTful APIs. I want a central point to implement authentication for these APIs. In my product, ...
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A service by AWS that routes traffic based on simple logic

Background we currently use google distance matrix (GDM) apis a lot to help in core business functions. As the cost of GDM went up, we worked on switching on cheaper alternatives. We decided to use ...
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Can I run an API gateway on the same instance as my API?

Is there any reason why an API gateway should be on a separate server to the API? Other than ensuring enough resources for both. I am using krackend API gateway and hosting a python API.
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