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how to specify query when searching for run in jenkins blueocean rest api

I have some jenkins project, that has multiple pipelines defined. I can easily search for runs for a certain pipeline: $ curl -k --silent "https://<SOME_SERVER>/blue/rest/search/?q=type:run;...
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API calls w/ global credentials in Jenkins active choice

Is it possible to use the Jenkins credentials set in the global credentials in the active choice plugin groovy script? I'm trying to make an api call that returns a list and display that as a choices ...
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Kubernetes API watch from multiple replicas

I have a service that uses the Kubernetes API to watch the execution of some pods in my cluster. I want multiple replicas of this service running at the same time, to increase resilience. However, if ...
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how to secure Kong Admin Api?

I'm setting up the Kong gateway manager locally using Docker. the requests will be sent to localhost:8000, and admin will be available in localhost:8002. How can I secure these ports locally when ...
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When pipelines with retries on `retry:when` `api_failure` condition are rerun?

What api failures are caught by retry:when api_failure in below pipeline? test: script: some api call retry: max: 2 when: api_failure Does gitlab detect any api call failure inside ...
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Any good pattern to deploy and maintain multiple helm-released API version routes along with Istio Virtual Service routing?

I am deploying multiple API versions (helm chart) from automated pipeline and I want to deploy an Istio virtual service to establish routing to those version (/v1, /v2, etc.). Each of these API helm ...
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