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How to run cluster-image-scanner (SDA-SE project) [closed]

This is the link for the tool we want to use: We decide to use this project to scan image in k8s cluster. Although, we don't know how to run, and set ...
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CI/CD ArgoCD - how can we schedule a nightly build with ArgoCD? So deploy a temporary set of Kubernetes resources

Each night we run a nightly build. A 'docker-compose' stack is deployed, a Test docker container runs the tests. Works fine. We started migrating to Kubernetes with ArgoCD. How can we deploy a ...
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Rolling Deployments with ArgoCD ApplicationSets

I've been looking through the docs at and I still don't understand how I would go about doing rolling / partial deployments to ...
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How do Argo CD track the resources it deploys?

How do Argo CD track the resources it deploys? I see no label or annotation being put on the resources, or any other modification for that matter. So how do Argo CD determine which Kubernetes ...
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What is the corrrect way to install remote Helm applications via Argo CD?

I need to install loki-stack to my k8s cluster, previously I need to change retention_deletes_enabled and retention_period in charts/loki/values.yaml. What should I do to achieve this? The problem is ...
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Kubernetes repeating job with start and end date?

I am looking to see if there is a way of running a task on a repeat interval with an explicit start and end date. In the ecosystem I have found that Cron Job task type lines up very well with a repeat ...
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Argo CD + Operators = Overkill?

I intend to build a local Kubernetes cluster to host services in my home lab and share them with family and friends. If I'm already planning to deploy Argo CD as a GitOps solution and it'll already ...
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One pod inside a deployment or many deployments with one pod inside?

Is it correct to put multiple pods inside one deployment? As I understand the correct way to do this is to create multiple containers inside a pod which is inside one deployment, but this does not ...
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Github Action - How can I trigger a workflow when argocd deployment is finished?

I'm working in a company that uses Github Actions and Argocd.(using Argocd helm chart). Needless to say that the Github repo is private and argocd is in an internal network that used by the company ...
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How to configure ArgoCD access to the Azure Repos from a deployment pipeline?

Right now I have several ideas in theory, but they all have problems. My setup is: Azure DevOps Services Azure Cloud A powerful service principal connection with which I run the pipeline Idea #1 ...
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