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Questions tagged [authentication]

Use this tag if a question is about authenticating or login to a service, e.g. google, github

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Does the GitHub Container Registry provide something like a Deploy Key?

Currently I push to the GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) with my Personal Access Token. Is there a method to deploy a PRIVATE project "GitHub Container Registry" such that a token will only ...
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Azure ACR login fails with "Admin user is disabled" but Portal shows me as Service Admin

(Real need: I want to set up a customized-to-my-needs container for development. I have the dockerfile but my impression is that I need to go through ACR. So:) I'm logged in to Azure both with the CLI ...
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How to use Kubernetes OICD-Login WITH OTP but WITHOUT userinterface/browser?

I am connecting to Kubernetes Cluster, using kubectl oidc-login ( ) and using grant-type=password as there is no browser available on the system. This works fine: ...
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Azure AD configuration for access API Resources and Web application in an on premisses server

I have a Java web application with an angular front (inserted in the application jar) and an Api to be consumed by a mobile app in flutter. This application worked normally on an on-premises server, ...
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MicroK8s does not authenticate with gitlab private registry

I have an instance of MicroK8s, I am currently migrating my applications. But I can't authenticate to Gitlab's private registry. About my environment: MicroK8s Gitlab (with registry working securely) ...
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Bypassing OAuth in Traefik router that routes to other network device

In Traefik2, I've got router.toml that contains the following lines: [http.routers] [http.routers.sonarr-bypass] rules = "Host(``) && Headers(`traefik-auth-...
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Configure Azure Kubernetes user context for on-premise resource access

My question is hopefully simple.In the period where you have both on-premise and Azure based resources can jobs running in an Azure Kubernetes cluster be configured to use an AD user context such that ...
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