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AWS ECR Public gives error in CLI

I am trying to push my Nest.js app to an AWS ECR in a public repo. I created an IAM user and attached AdminstratorAccess policy to it and then generated a private key. When I type the following ...
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In the AWS CLI how do I treat a special character as a string?

I'm trying to run an AWS CLI command for a resource with a ! in its name. I'm doing this from CentOS Docker instance running on my local device a MAC and if I run echo "$SHELL" it says it ...
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Terraform - No Infrastructure Changes Detected

I have deployed a Cloudwatch Log Group community module to my terraform stack (sourced from but I have spent more than a day trying to resolve ...
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aws cli shorthand json syntax

I'm trying to update the domain contacts for a couple of 100 domains using AWS cli with the shorthand syntax. This works fine for .com domains: aws route53domains update-domain-contact --domain-...
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