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Unable to connect from my local system to ec2 instance created by terraform script

Following is the source code: variable "ec2_instance_type_name" { type = string default = "t2.nano" } terraform { required_providers { aws = { ...
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Create AWS SG and use it

I am trying to create a security group (SG) using Terraform and then use it for an AWS instance. My config looks like resource "aws_security_group" "my_sq" { vpc_id = aws_vpc....
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Common permissions for EC2 usage and VPC Security Groups in enterprise use

Context: Looking to create some software that acts as middleware to a user's AWS account, where the user will provide their cloud credentials, and have the software use their EC2 instances. Question: ...
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Terraform variable Validation

is it possible to use validation of a variable type equals list(string)? My example: name = "tf-prd-sg-foo" image_id = "ami-00e788542ee66c64f" ...
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