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How to setup a DotNetCoreCLI@2 task to publish a self-contained exe-file for a WPF project with .Net 8?

The settings My goal is to understand the CI/CD process on Azure (and in general). For that, I have build a little Wpf-App. It is not doing much. Just displaying a simple ReadMe.txt file. A test ...
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Best artifactory type for Azure release pipeline

We've just started to use Azure DevOps platform and having some doubts regarding artifactory type for release pipeline. Here's the situation: we get complete delivery in zip file from Dev team which ...
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How to create a work item in Azure Boards using service hooks in the DevOps Projects

So in my organization, we have two different projects, Say Project-C and Project-D as follows: I ...
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Azure pipeline is publishing an empty zip file

I have an Azure pipeline for a Blazor project and I'm trying to publish the results of the build to an Azure app service. The build completes fine but the deploy task throws an error. At first I ...
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Retrieving project version from csproj in Azure Pipeline .NET Core CLI task

I have the following tasks in my yaml file in Azure DevOps It publishes my console application and zip it in a file - task: DotNetCoreCLI@2 inputs: command: 'publish' publishWebProjects: ...
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Project pipeline not able to access NuGet package from Artifact Feed in different Project

Updated 20th Feb & 21st Feb Summary Not able to find NuGet package from our private feed under Artifacts. Our Azure DevOps environment In Azure, we have our company "space":
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What are the pros and cons of Azure Artifacts vs. Artifactory?

We have a requirement where we need to develop a custom product where the software component life cycle needs to be managed i.e. upload, download, recall etc. one option is to go with Custom API ...
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