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Use this tag if a question is about the Bitbucket Cloud Build Status Notifier (BCBSN).

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What options are available to report the build status of Jenkins Multi Pipeline's first branch build on k8s to bitbucket-cloud?

Background The Bitbucket Status Notifier plugin has been configured. The status was reported, but since more and more jobs have been moved to Jenkins-on-steroids that is running on k8s, buildStats ...
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Trigger jenkins pipeline job with Bitbucket hook

I'm missing something obvious here. Is there no way to trigger a Jenkins scripted pipeline job via Bitbucket hook? There's a bug out about it but it's been around for years with apparently no fix. ...
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Jenkins Pipeline and stash Pull Request Builder not working on PR create/update

Below is the requirement needed to achieve using the Jenkins Pipeline and i am new bee into Jenkins Pipeline. After completing development work and pushing his changes to Bitbucket the user creates a ...
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Bitbucket Webhook plugin for Jenkins - differentiate between branches

We use Jenkins and have the Bitbucket plugin installed. We've got multiple repos and use webhooks for lots of jobs coming from our foo repo. No problems there, the jobs go off without a hitch. Now ...
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How can I automatically post Codefresh build results to pull requests in Bitbucket?

I have a BitBucket Cloud repository with a WebHook to trigger Codefresh builds on Pull Requests. I would like the build results to appear as comments on the PRs, similar to the way Travis integration ...
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Git & Jenkins: get latest green commit on branch

We're just starting to push for CI-CD and as a baby step we're going to try updating a stack with the latest green develop once every couple of hours. I am fairly new to Git/Bitbucket, and can't ...
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