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Bitbucket-server is the self-hosted version of bitbucket. The opposite is bitbucket-cloud.

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What are reasons for not not using Bitbucket-server for storing artifacts?

I'm working with a company setting up a brand new project, and we're talking about what tools to use for what. I was talking about Artifactory or Nexus for storing built artifacts (APKs in this case), ...
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Bitbucket REST API to set 'Branch deletion on merge'

I know that 'Branch deletion on merge' can be set at both project and repo level via UI. What I am looking for the the REST API endpoint for doing this. Similar endpoints for branching model, etc. ...
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Automated docker builds with private bitbucket server

I was looking to setup automated docker builds when a push is made to our bitbucket server. The only issue is that our Bitbucket is not cloud based, its an on premise private server. Is there a way to ...
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BitBucket Commit Status with meta data

I am trying to set additional meta data as seen under Builds section. I found this API which is used to set statuses for builds against a commit hash. { "state": "<INPROGRESS|...
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Bitbucket - how to update the build logs & artifacts without Jenkins/Bamboo?

I'm using Bitbucket Server and I'm trying to figure out how to update the "rich build status"--the Logs and Artifacts for builds in Bitbucket. Currently, the Bitbucket documentation only ...
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Jenkins Bitbucket Server Integration plugin won't let me add or select credentials

I installed the Bitbucket Server Integration plugin and I'm trying to configure it following the instructions on the plugin page. When trying to select the Personal Access Token, the only option is - ...
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Link Azure DevOps board with Bitbucket Server (On-Premise)

We are using Azure DevOps Board and like to link it with Bitbucket On-premise Server to see commits and pull requests to work board items (cards), and also create feature branches on Bitbucket repo ...
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