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A source control system and git hosting site from Atlassian.

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Jenkins declarative pipeline with mvn, releases and versioned artifactory

We have a requirement to support human defined versions (not auto generated) for patch releases. I'm trying to figure out a way to do this in Jenkins. We have: BitBucket, Jenkins, Nexus/JFrog (either)...
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Bitbucket REST API to set 'Branch deletion on merge'

I know that 'Branch deletion on merge' can be set at both project and repo level via UI. What I am looking for the the REST API endpoint for doing this. Similar endpoints for branching model, etc. ...
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Building a pipeline to recognize changes in a terraform template compared to the git commit before and having it apply changes using specified command

Looking to get pointed in the right direction: I am trying to build a pipeline that will recognize changes in a remote terraform template that will recognize changes compared to the previous git ...
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Bitbucket pipelines dind "Cannot connect to the Docker daemon"

I am trying to run end to end tests on a node repo but it needs the postgres container. When I te image: docker:dind pipelines: default: - step: name: Run e2e tests runs-on: ...
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BitBucket Commit Status with meta data

I am trying to set additional meta data as seen under Builds section. I found this API which is used to set statuses for builds against a commit hash. { "state": "<INPROGRESS|...
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Bitbucket - how to update the build logs & artifacts without Jenkins/Bamboo?

I'm using Bitbucket Server and I'm trying to figure out how to update the "rich build status"--the Logs and Artifacts for builds in Bitbucket. Currently, the Bitbucket documentation only ...
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Secrets Scanning for Atlassian Bitbucket

I am looking for: A plugin on Atlassian Bitbucket which would help us run scan on entire code to detect any hardcoded secrets A tool/script which could be run in a pipeline right after the code is ...
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Prevent "[Bitbucket] Notifying commit build result" happening during Jenkins pipeline

I use "multibranch with Bitbucket Source" plugin and I have a situation where I need to prevent feature branch from notifying bitbucket, else it influences PR gates and other things. It ...
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bitbucket pipeline to push commits to another repo

So this is the scenario i have right now, we have a repo (boilerplate) that contains our infrastructure code, docker files, and pipeline scripts, each time we create a new project we copy this repo to ...
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