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Best practices on Title and Description for Git feature branch to master

In our Scrum Team, most DevOps Engineers simply merge their feature branch to master. They usually use a title like: "Merge feature US1234 toggle feature system X to master". Description ...
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What is the difference between The Shared repository model and fork and pull model?

I am trying to understand what is the difference between the two. The Shared repository model: uses ‘topic’ branches, which are reviewed, approved, and merged into the main branch. Fork and pull model:...
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is it possible to get web application url from branch without publishing it?

When working on the task we create git branch (AzureDevOps). In this branch we modify code in VS and can run web application on localhost. When it's done we commit changes and create PR. To test it ...
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How to trigger pipeline if any 1 of x repos is merged to main branch

I am using a locally hosted version of GitLab Omnibus, and I stay up to date with the most current versions. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do. I have five repositories. They are not in the ...
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One azure-pipeline.yaml for staging and production

Currently I have two separate Azure DevOps Pipeline config files: azure-pipelines-staging.yaml azure-pipelines-production.yaml Really the only differences in them are the: trigger: branches: ...
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How do I trigger a build pipeline on a TFVC branch commit to map and get that branch?

I have project in DevOps TFVC not Git. I use branches, they live and die in the order of months. I want to create a build pipeline that is triggered when a commit is done on any of the branches and ...
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Trunk Based Development - release branch testing

We are currently using Git flow branching strategy and looking to go to a trunk based strategy - although we are quite a ways away from getting there I am trying to get all my ducks in a row, ...
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Deploying and testing features on a server by more than one developer

I have 4 environments (prod/preprod/SIT/DEV), also two main branches (Master & Develop), two developers work on features (One & Two). Developer One creates a feature (Feature A), he then ...
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Should I use release branch to push my changes?

Should I use a release branch to push changes out to production or release it off master branch - the main pipeline where changes are merged by developers of their feature branches? Not to mention, ...
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CI/CD pipelines Azure devops automatic merge after deploy release

I have a classic env. setup like following: I have 2 branches : Develop and Master. Is there any way in azure devops to setup the following rule: When a deploy is succeeded on dev environment (...
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Recommended SVN branching strategy for DevOps

We are using SVN as our version control system and we are using the below standard layout for our projects. Tags Branches Trunk Trunk: -> Trunk will always hold the latest code changes. ...
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Alternating VC branches to build deployment artifacts for different environments

We use Jenkins for CI. The app is written in Java, built with Maven (invoked manually in local dev environments and by Jenkins), deployed on various Tomcat servers. Nothing unusual about the ...
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How to avoid branchageddon with large organisations?

How do you avoid a branchageddon situation when working with large organisations? We work with a number of large financial organisations whose approach is to not take updates to software, but ...
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How to create staging servers for multiple git branches?

I have to create a new staging process for our development and testing. At any given time, there are only around 4 git branches actively being developed and tested. Within each git branch, there may ...
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What is the cleanest branching strategy to use when creating reusable artifacts?

If I have 3 environments : integration, staging, and production, what is the cleanest branching strategy to use, assuming I want to reuse my deployed artifact? For example, should feature branches be ...
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Would choosing the integration branch strategy be part of DevOps?

In a mature DevOps organisation would choosing a product/product line integration branch strategy be part of DevOps? What do I mean by integration branch strategy? For example a product team has to ...
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What branching strategies/workflows are available for Git repositories?

I'm looking for a high-level, summary description of the recommended branching strategies/workflows primarily applicable with Git, which would serve as a guide for navigating this environment. ...
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How to get rid of develop branch for simplified Git flow

In a continuously developed web project (not a product) we currently have the following branching strategy, roughly based on git flow: develop branch: latest working version master branch: version to ...
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How to transition from a complex branching reality to a single-branch model?

In large organisations, using the waterfall methodology typically results in very complex branching structures (aka branch spagetti). What branching strategies can be used to transition from a ...
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