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Questions tagged [build-pipeline]

General build pipeline questions. This includes, but is not exclusive to Jenkinsfile pipelines. See jenkins-pipeline for platform specific questions.

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Github Actions : Reusable workflow across multiple organizations

I have a query in regards with Github workflows. Consider the below scenario : Github Organization 1 : sample_one Github Organization 2 : sample_two sample_one organization has one repository ...
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Builds triggered by change of arbitrary artifacts?

I am wondering about this: we are all used to continuous build. I.e. every push of source code to a version control system triggers a build job on a build system (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, whatever, ...) ...
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Best practice to update (migrate) e.g. users on database server on several clusters

we have multiple clusters - like 6 - and of course, as a dev makes changes to an application and it is deployed it will migrate the table data and so on by flyway/liquibase. But what if there is the ...
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Helm and cicd in a multi-repository environment: how to introduce a concept of build?

We have a set of microservices stored in multiple repositories which we deploy on k8s. Currently we use a simple cicd which is triggered by commit to repo. The cicd then builds an image, places image ...
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How to specify ANY for tags in the yaml file for pipelines

In my pipeline definition, for getting resources from other pipeline, I'd like to define a default tags value to use, such as "release candidate", but allow to select to use any tags or even ...
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Azure DevOps Build Validation of other repo's pipeline: "while loading the YAML build pipeline. Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

This (nearly empty) Azure DevOps pipeline yaml fails when initiated because of a PR from another repo's Build Validation: azure-pipelines.yaml of "App A": pool: name: default steps: - ...
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