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Questions tagged [builds]

The process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer. Can also describe a CI/CDs tools configuration such as TeamCity's 'Build Configurations' or TFS' 'Build Definitions'.

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Issue building deb package using Docker/Windows

I am trying to create a way for our developers to be able to build deb packages from their Windows machines. We would like to reuse what we have for *nix so I've written a few batch scripts which are ...
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Builds triggered by change of arbitrary artifacts?

I am wondering about this: we are all used to continuous build. I.e. every push of source code to a version control system triggers a build job on a build system (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, whatever, ...) ...
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Is it possible to deploy a self hosted agent from Azure DevOps?

I need to deploy a self hosted agent from Azure DevOps to on premise Hyper-V hosts. I have VMM managing the hosts. I need to complete the following: Deploy the VM from a base template Install Pre ...
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How come Maven's validate and verify phases execute without goals bound to them?

Maven's documentation states the following: "If a build phase has no goals bound to it, that build phase will not execute" However, according to the same documentation, the validate and ...
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