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Questions tagged [builds]

The process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer. Can also describe a CI/CDs tools configuration such as TeamCity's 'Build Configurations' or TFS' 'Build Definitions'.

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Issue building deb package using Docker/Windows

I am trying to create a way for our developers to be able to build deb packages from their Windows machines. We would like to reuse what we have for *nix so I've written a few batch scripts which are ...
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Builds triggered by change of arbitrary artifacts?

I am wondering about this: we are all used to continuous build. I.e. every push of source code to a version control system triggers a build job on a build system (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, whatever, ...) ...
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Is it possible to deploy a self hosted agent from Azure DevOps?

I need to deploy a self hosted agent from Azure DevOps to on premise Hyper-V hosts. I have VMM managing the hosts. I need to complete the following: Deploy the VM from a base template Install Pre ...
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How come Maven's validate and verify phases execute without goals bound to them?

Maven's documentation states the following: "If a build phase has no goals bound to it, that build phase will not execute" However, according to the same documentation, the validate and ...
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Free CI/CD platform for builds?

With AppCenter retiring, my team(of over 10 people) is looking for an alternative solution that can integrate with our private Github repo to create beta test builds for our React Native app, if ...
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