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For questions about capacity planning, which is about estimating various IT resources required over some future period of time.

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Azure DevOps Sprints: "Capacity" tab missing

I have encountered an issue with the Capacity tab missing on the Sprints page. All team members are in the Contributors group and team Admins as well (the group is used to measure PMs capacity thus ...
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What are the different types of work in a development team?

I'm currently on my annual re-read of The Phoenix Project and we're going through the different types of work that an Ops Team face. These are: Project Work Changes Internal Projects Unplanned Work ...
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Is it useful to track dev time with CI/CD?

Estimating is hard, but it is made easier with good record keeping. Is there a known solution to tracking dev time on a ticket by making use of CI/CD to update JIRA tickets or the like with logged ...
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How to calculate server capacity?

I am trying to answer a question: Do we need more worker machines to handle current load? We have a variable number of jobs coming in and each job takes different time. Here is a snapshot of our ...
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How fast does Prometheus data grow?

This may sound like a vague question so I will provide some context below. The basic question is : What parameters describe the growth in size of a Prometheus database over time? To tie the question ...
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How to properly scale Jenkins?

In my project we have one AWS server running Jenkins Master + 1 Jenkins slave (2 executors)... and we need more In order to augment our build power we have three options: Scale up: Make AWS instance ...
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Docker Container capacity planning

I'm running my application on 4 Virtual Machines with 8 3.2 GHz Virtual CPUs and 32 GB, however, I will be splitting up the processes into separate containers. I am not sure how many containers to ...
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List of Ticket Management Software [closed]

My devops team is struggling with managing incidents and having quick response times anyone know of some software that can help with this? And the pros and cons of them? Thank you very much.
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How can I calculate costs of deploying 1000 instances of Drupal?

What are the things that should I investigate for making an estimate of the cost of deploying 1000 instances of Drupal, for example? I was thinking in: Database space Database usage (in ops/second? ...
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How can continuous integration scale for very large projects/teams?

Traditionally CI systems only monitor the quality of the code in an integration branch, signalling when regressions occur. Human intervention is required for repairs. As the number of developers ...
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How can I manage changes in desired capacity due to scaling policies in AutoScaling Group state?

How can I manage changes in desired capacity due to scaling policies in AutoScaling Group state in terraform? Specifically, suppose I provision an aws_autoscaling_group resource with terraform with a ...