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Looking for a Desired State and Configuration as Code central configuration management framework

I am looking for a central configuration management framework that supports the following scenarios: Desired State Configuration. My expectation is to express the desired configuration in code and ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Workplace viewport scripting

Working with DevOps toolchains requires switching contexts between code, dashboards and command line terminals (local and remote). That is just for one project - and many of us work in more than one. ...
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1 answer

CasC with Bamboo

While trying to get a clear picture how to setup a seamless CasC (Configuration as Code) build and deployment plan management, I have to admit that I get quite puzzled. Is the following (subjective) ...
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3 answers

Scaling issues with Nagios as CaSC

If Nagios server would use a CasC source of configuration in a larger organization is there a design flaw in this approach which will limit scaling up? To avoid broken configuration, test instances ...
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Tool for storing per environment configuration

I have a requirement to store configuration information on a per environment basis in a tool. This is a tool with a GUI for adding/updating configuration values (e.g connection strings). This should ...
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