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Cert-manager challenge failing self check

I am currently facing an issue with cert-manager while trying to obtain a Let's Encrypt certificate for my Kubernetes cluster running on Scaleway Kapsule. I have successfully installed cert-manager ...
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central point for kubernetes certificates

We have two on premise kubernetes clusters. And therefore we have the .kube/config files spread over the developers, as secret in github actions and a PRTG monitoring system where the sensors check ...
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Enforce https on portainer with cert-manager and letsencrypt after initial setup

I have a running k3s cluster with portainer and helm, and I just got cert-manager with letsencrypt set up as a ClusterIssuer Now I would like to enforce https and use the certificate I created for ...
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How to use a GoDaddy TLS certificate for my Mongo Replica Set internal node authentication?

We have a wildcard domain * in GoDaddy. This way, when we use our mongo database, we only need to use this: mongosh --tls --h The mongod.conf is as follow: net: port:...
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Ingress losing some settings on restart (k3s)

I'm experimenting with some Kubernetes stuff TrueNAS Scale, which comes with k3s (1.25.3) installed. I installed one of the TrueCharts apps ( but the settings for it appear ...
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Why is my GCP managed Cert not working with kubernetes

I have the following that seems to work... apiVersion: kind: Ingress metadata: name: test-ingress namespace: test annotations:
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Unable to configure cert-manager. Wrong status code '403', expected '200'

I', trying to configure a cert-manager in a Baremetal server. I followed this link & this one the k describe challenge get Status: Presented: true ...
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What is the best practise way to expose a service over https in kubernetes without exposing it to the internet?

Coming from Docker When I was still using Docker for running my services I had an nginx reverse proxy that handled issuing and signing certificates through letsencrypt automatically. Using this setup, ...
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How to get public key from cert-manager?

I need to get a public key from cert manager from bash. How to do it properly? I can see the private key in kubernetes secrets; how to get public key that can be safely shared?
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How to tell kubectl to use different api groups

I am trying to list down resources which is in different api group. I am running the below command [jk@ome-esrs-adapter-master csadmin]# kubectl get issuers -n default Error from server (NotFound): ...
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Issue getting HTTPS working for subdomain despite "Certificate issued successfully"

Part of my struggle to learn this, I think, is that cert-manager is updated pretty regularly so a lot of the tutorials, blog posts, questions, and courses I have read or taken are no longer relevant. ...
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Nginx unable to get SSL cert to work

I'm trying to get a kubernetes cluster using the nginx ingress controller and cert manager to get an SSL cert from lets encrypt. Currently is appears the cert has been issued however I am unable to ...
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Why can the certificate not be found by the Ingress Controller, while the certificate has been issued?

kubectl logs nginx-ingress-controller-X -n nginx-ingress W1222 06:52:04.575115 8 controller.go:1058] Error getting SSL certificate "app/app-tls": local SSL certificate app/app-tls was not found....
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