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For questions about chatops, a way of executing commands and connecting real-time system information to a human-accessible chat system (such as a slack)

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What are ChatOps approach use cases of production infrastructure management?

Many "simple" use cases shown in examples of ChatOps approach, creation of cloud instances, deployments to test environment etc., are there any use cases for production infrastructure management?
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What 'ChatOps' books and resources are available?

We have defined what ChatOps is in the form of the following question: What are ChatOps approach use cases of production infrastructure management?: Practically it means something very different ...
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What minimal IAM permissions are needed by AWS Chatbot so that it can show logs?

The AWS service called Chatbot allows CloudWatch Alarms to be relayed into a Slack channel. The message includes two buttons: Show logs and Show error logs. However, when I press either of these ...
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What are good options to implement a devops chatbot for Slack?

I'm considering implementing a chatops platform for my company to help automate code deploys. I've seen some alternatives, which I narrowed down to cog and Errbot. Errbot seems to be actively ...
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