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For questions about CircleCI, one of the most popular continuous integration tools. For questions about CircleCI 2.0, use [circleci-2.0] instead of this tag.

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Run the latest image from ECR on EKS

I have a CircleCI set-up to push docker images to ECR, similar to this question here: What is the idiomatic way to reload EKS/Kube configs when a new image is pushed to ECR My question is two-fold: I'...
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How CircleCI, Terraform and AWS should interact in CI/CD Pipeline

I'm new to devops and I'm have a hard time finding resources to help me with this question. My Goal is to have an automated CI/CD pipeline to launch my project. Basically I have a GitHub repo with a ...
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Why do so many circleCI configs use `version: 2` for their workflows?

I keep seeing this pattern around, and I haven't been able to figure out why people do it. I figure there's some dusty tome somewhere explaining why, or maybe just my google skills are off today, but ...
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golang and circle CI setup

Go and devops are both new things for me. I'd like to setup a CI that tests and builds my module, then stores artifacts for download. In addition it'd be good to cache dependencies for next builds. I ...
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Whats the point of circleci orbs?

I'm looking at: CircleCI Orb for kubernetes Whats the point of this? Whats the benefit of an orb which is a CircleCI specific feature rather than say a bash function/script (which is more ...
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How to set a Circle CI environment variable for a project?

I've set the environment variable with a "context" (I have no idea if thats the right place - it's really confusing!) None the less, it's now doing a build - and I don't see the environment variables ...
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Docker not found in circleci config

Why is docker not found? Do I need to use a different docker image than debian:latest? I want the latest debian image so does that mean I need to manually install Docker? orbs: aws-ecr: circleci/...
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How to implement blue-green deployment with one master branch

I was told that they easy way out is to have two production branches, master/blue and master/green, git merge action triggers CI to deploy to the matching stacks. Is that possible to do it with single ...
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How do I automate deployment to Docker with CircleCI?

My circle.yml file and my CircleCI account are set up to use Docker for testing already, but I'd like to move to continuous deployment upon a successful build. Here's what I have so far in circle.yml:...
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Key attributes of Continuous Integration (CI) software

I work in the IT department of automation/dev company and we are just about to implement/add CI into our set of tools. And we are having difficulties to choose the one. At the moment we've been ...
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