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for questions about cloud computing: running servers or services in a virtualized environment that is usually run off-site by a third party.

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Container orchestration vs. VM orchestration in the cloud

I'm trying to understand the specific use cases where we'd prefer to use container orchestration (Kubernetes) as opposed to VM orchestration (Nomad) in an unmanaged cloud setting (e.g., EC2) It seems ...
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What is the best practice to deploy single instance with http access on GCP

What is the best practice to deploy a single instance with HTTP access on GCP? I want to deploy an app on a single GCP instance that doesn't need to be scalable, and only needs to have HTTP access, so ...
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Deploy multiple instances of the same application Kubernetes

I'm developing a web application in NodeJS and I want to create multiple instances of the same application to deploy it in multiple subdomains of my main domain. I want each instance to have the same ...
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Docker cloud hosting with persistent storage

I need to find a cloud provider to host a simple docker service but with a persistent storage attached. I know I can achieve this using GCE (VM + docker + volume mounted from VM) but this looks a bit ...
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