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Questions tagged [cloudflare]

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Push from CI to private docker registry behind cloudflared with gated access through SSO

I have a portainer, that is running a registry and a cloudflared tunnel. The portainer web UI is secured by cloudflare zero trust tunnel. So this setup works. Now I want to deploy software I build ...
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1 answer

Configuration for Cloudflare endpoint using SSL to Kubernetes (load balancer & flask service)

Here is a summary of what I'm trying to do: I can get my flask app to respond without HTTPS/SSL. But am receiving a '503 Service Unavailable' when I am trying to use SSL. My understanding is since ...
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How to force lowercase URL in cloudflare

How to force request lowercase in the URL in Cloudflare? for example, if Cloudflare get requests for then it should be redirected to
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Cloudflare page rules for removing multiple trailing slash

Cloudflare page rules for removing multiple trailing slash I want to set up the below things. OR OR OR onwards are redirecting to https:/...
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