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Questions tagged [code-coverage]

Use this tag if a question is about code-coverage, i.e. a percentage of the main code that is covered by the tests

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Gitlab CI: How to plot test success rate over time?

I have a project with pipelines that upload junit results. For a given branch I want a chart of test success rate over time to know the overall trend of my project. I read the analytics documentation ...
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How to check minimum code coverage in pull request changes?

I want to force the developers to write unit tests for all new code they wrote. The code is written in python. I want to do it in the Jenkins pipeline. And here is a question. Is there any available ...
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Using Code Climate for Test Coverage alongside Jenkins

My company is currently trying to implement Code Climate for test coverage. However, I do not have much idea about it and new to using code climate. I tried to integrate code climate with Jenkins so ...
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Is there any way of getting code coverage with molecule?

I'm currently working on testing Ansible roles with Molecule. I have one role with 2 scenarios that are executed in Jenkins but just before that, those are submitted to a SonarQube analysis. So I ...
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How to report Code Coverage metrics across git repositories?

We are using private git repositories in Azure DevOps and I have a requirement to create code coverage report across git repositories. Our build CI/CD pipelines are using both TeamCity & Azure ...
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Code coverage versus functional coverage

We are working on a big Java project where we use JUnit tests. Our Jenkins helps us to monitor the code coverage and shows us the progress we make with this. But there seems to be something lacking ...
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What Golang function could be used to enforce a minimum code coverage and return an Exit1 if false?

Follow-up to this Q&A. How to ensure that a certain minimal code coverage is reached in Golang? E.g. if the CI runs, the build should fail if the code coverage is less than X percent. In Java, ...
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