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Is there an (evolving) standard technical DevOps envrironments benchmark available and if not what can be benchmarked if anyhow?

For sure it's very hard to say there is an end to end benchmark but maybe there is some part to focus on with the goal to create some comparability between system environments. In a previous question ...
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KATA vs NABLA Containers Isolation [closed]

I am struggling with retrieving the difference between : KATA and IBM NABLA. Or better, what is the added value of the one over the other? Both come with enhancement of containers isolation: ...
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What are the limitations of Puppet in comparison to Ansible?

I would like to understand the differences between Puppet and Ansible, especially what kind of Puppet limitations has in comparison to Ansible. Are there any things you cannot do it in Puppet, but ...
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How does Cacti compare to Nagios?

So far I have been using the Nagios monitoring system. However, I'm not familiar with Cacti. How does Cacti compare to Nagios?
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