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For questions about Composer, which is a PHP application library dependency manager.

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Unable to input jenkins github credentialID through json file

I have a jenkins job that runs "php ./composer.phar install" and installs required php dependencies from a couple of other git repos that are defined in composer.json file. This job is ...
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PHP Composer in Docker Container doesn't work at MS Azure in Deployment Group

I have deployed the same Docker container which works inside Windows WSL-2, Ubuntu 22.04 and Mac, to MS Azure, using command: az group deployment create --resource-group <MyGroup> --template-...
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Is there a php (or composer) command to change upload_max_filesize && post_max_size from terminal?

Is there a php (or composer) terminal command to change the php.ini variables upload_max_filesize and post_max_size from terminal to some value directly from terminal, without sed or awk operations? ...
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Can not find save handler 'redis' - session startup failed - for PHP

I am getting this error while loading index.php file. Warning: session_start(): Cannot find save handler 'redis' - session startup failed in /var/www/html/index.php on line 2 My index.php code ...
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Continuous delivery workflow: Build script for PHP Composer (Drupal) on Docker

I'd like to set up a continuous delivery workflow for our new Drupal site. When someone pushes to our Git repo (typically) master branch, a build job on our CI server is triggered. This job will check ...
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