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How to change log source in Nomad?

I have a CLI application which runs on Nomad, task "create-cli" { driver = "docker" config { image = "cli-app:local" tty = true ...
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Consul: how to remove dead client nodes quickly

Background: When running Consul client-mode in AWS, EC2s are constantly getting replaced, which results in a lot of dead client nodes when looking at the Consul UI or via consul members. Already ...
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Consul cluster does not work as expected when one of server is down

I guess, the main purpose of a cluster is failure tolerance. However, when I start the following consul cluster, in docker, it is not the case and I don't understand why. services: # docker ...
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Is there a good standard to follow when choosing a service mesh for your microservice application?

The industry appears to have chosen the de facto standards for containers (docker) and orchestration (kubernetes) but this doesn't appear to be the case for the options for implementing a service mesh....
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Consul Helm chart: Connect Injector service not working

Below is my config that I am applying over the latest version of the chart (0.4.0). The consul client daemonset pods come up and successfully register with the cluster. The connect injector webhook ...
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Creating agent policy consul [closed]

I am trying to setup a consul 1.3.1 server cluster. I am having a really hard time with it. Currently I can setup a single node perfectly fine and it seems to function as needed. I do this using a ...
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Running consul in the background using Chef

I am trying to create a Chef cookbook that will run Hashicorp Consul in the background and will continue with the rest of the recipe and not get hung on starting Consul. I have tried the & method ...
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consul throwing an error

Trying to run consul on my system. Have followed link to download consul: consul and consul-template setup consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect 1 \ -data-dir /tmp/consul -node=agent-one \ ...
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Consul with Nginx, not using docker

I am from development background and totally new to DevOps, I want to setup consul for service discovery for my micro-services, services are reverse proxied by Nginx. Now I want to configure Nginx ...
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How to visualize dynamic microservice architecture running with Consul?

Using Consul, you could allow your teams decentrally deploy and run microservices with dynamic dependencies. It is also possible to list the services: /catalog/service/:service Now, how to assess ...
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How to manage Consul and its quorum in auto-scaling environments?

We have auto-scaling Docker environments in which we use Consul for service discovery. These environments can add or remove one instance every few minutes. Our early Consul testing showed that it was ...
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