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Questions tagged [continuous-deployment]

Use this tag for questions about automatically deploying software to a production environment as part of a CI pipeline. For questions about manual deployment to production use the [continuous-delivery] tag.

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Kubernetes deployement with minimum disruption to websocket connections

Problem statement: Make a deployment with minimum disruption to clients connected via websockets. Stack: GKE (Regional cluster - 1.22.8-gke.200), helm, Node.js/websockets, HPA, Rolling Update. Our ...
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Incorporating python linter(flake8) in the CI/CD pipeline that use GitHub, Github Actions in a code base that is not in compliance

I have a codebase that is not in compliance with flake8. The CI/CD pipeline uses GitHub/GitHub actions. I would like to start adding python flake8 (to check for complexity, errors and code smells) ...
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What's the best practice for managing / deploying multi-environments in production app?

I'm spinning up a production site and wanted to get advice on the latest best practices to manage and deploy multiple environments. At a high level, I'd like to have a good balance between keeping ...
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Liquibase - CICD pipeline failure

Question: Azure CICD pipeline is failing with the below error. There hasnt been any recent changes to the environment/YAML. The "Replace tokens in Liquibase properties" step in the Deploy ...
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Using IaC for docker image management/update?

I was building a simple infrastructure using terraform (for AWS), I came accross the chicken egg of Lambda functions needing an image to be created. The options I envisioned are two: 1 - I decouple ...
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Green/Blue Deployments with multiple development teams

I am working in Azure in an AKS cluster environment. The environment has several clusters separated from each other. Each cluster is hosting several containers of services, each of them is developed ...
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Tool for deployment via series of Powershell Scripts

I am responsible for continuing to develop legacy software. The software is run as a service on a handful of servers. For making a new release of a component of the software the following steps are ...
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Full deployment of Azure Function via bicep

We have a deployment running in an azure devops server and base currently on az cli, now we want to go for bicep. I created bicep definitions for the resources what works easily. But now I got stuck ...
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What's the way to add values to helm deployments in Argo?

I want to deploy apps via ArgoCD with Helm and use the provided Helm charts. I also want to specify custom values but in a declarative way (not setting them after deployment with Argo gui or cli). ...
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Why is the development of a REST-API Webserver Application with less expected changes after its short term initial build a DevOps project?

I am thinking about setting up a project where a one-year development / built phase of a rest-API Server is planned. Providing an initial version in three months and deploying updates every month ...
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Does Jenkins essentially function like a package manager for your software product?

I'm a relatively new IT Ops guy in a software (web) development company. Recently I deployed a virtual machine on OpenStack, because some developer needs it, and then I installed their application (...
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In what time ranges do you verify your canary deployments?

I am currently implementing a canary deployment strategy for the services of an Have you already worked with carary deployments? After which timeframe do you decide to roull out 100%? Which factors do ...
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Gradual rollout management for client applications

I want to rollout software to clients (1m+) devices in a gradual fashion due to high risk. Ideally i would be able to target users based on analytical data i posses and decide if they should receive ...
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How do you deploy a container to AWS Lambda?

I am working on this little project. It's currently a work-in-progress - don't judge! As you can see, I have configured CircleCI to ...
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