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Windows curl command corrupts zip files on upload to SFTP server

Per our IT department, I have to use a curl command to upload files to our SFTP server. I use a Jenkins pipeline to build our artifacts on Windows build nodes, which are *.zip files, and this is the ...
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Why do I get "Connection Refused" when attempting to connect to IPFS API using HTTP?

Created a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 20.04 droplet and setup an IPFS server node in it based on this tutorial. If I run the following command in the server ipfs swarm peers I get the expected results In ...
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How to use Vault generated certificates for Internal Domains in AWS

I have generated certificates for an internal domain using Hashicorp Vault. I have exported the private key, certificate body and certificate chain. I have uploaded the certificate onto AWS ...
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Curl Error in HTTP2 framing layer when trying to install Jenkins plugin

I am trying to create a custom Jenkins docker image. For that I need to install certain plugins in Jenkins. I am doing so by adding the below lines to the Dockerfile COPY plugins.txt /usr/share/...
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Cookbook get and set dynamic URL

There is a static Artifactory URL being used to grab a semantically versioned artifact and deploy it to JBoss. The deployment aspect of the cookbook is already fleshed out. However, I would like to ...
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Access vault secret from bash script

I am looking for help on a direction on where to go from here. I have a Hasicorp Vault server running and accessible over DNS (local). I need to have a script get a secret from it then use that secret....
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The right way to Ansiblically deploy environments directly from Github:

Can one deploy an environment for some Linux OS (say, Ubuntu) from a raw Github playbook in a way similar to this (I wonder if it's the correct syntax)? bash <(curl -s https://raw....
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A systematic way to test RESTful APIs with curl?

I have noticed during integration testing that I actually work on recurring use cases with restful APIs (or in general HTTP interfaces) I check here and there with bash+cURL. It starts looking quite ...
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