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How to put production-like data into version control

One goal of DevOps is to create reproducible, production-like environments from source-code repositories. To achieve this, I believe it's necessary to also restore all the data that is needed to setup ...
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How do I copy data from docker container out to S3 bucket at container execution time?

I'm newbie to DevOps. Is it possible to copy data generated inside a container to S3 bucket while the container is still running? If yes, what would be the best approach that uses less code or less ...
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How can I best deliver read only data assets to a Kubernetes application?

I'm migrating an HPC app to Kubernetes, and am trying to determine the best way to provide read only data assets as a configuration managed snapshot. Previously, my team had delivered our ...
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Terraform error Reference to “count” in non-counted context for resources not necessarily data

here's my part of my code that I am having issues with. Unfortunately I could not understand the relationship between the last answer, despite being almost what I need, and my situation. data "...
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DevOps approach to creating demo data?

Is there a good DevOps method to construct a workflow that creates demo data for a product? This situation is difficult when the app constantly changes. There are a few scenarios to consider. Either ...
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What is DataOps?

This site already has great answers for questions like What is DevOps and what is SecOps. Over time, I have come to be of the opinion that DevOps was born when the philosophy of the Agile methodology ...
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Traverse nested dictionary with keeping the keys in ansible

I'm not able to loop a list in a dict and keep the key of the original dict. Bellow an example of my data vars: nginx_users: 'instance1': roles: - product - ...
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Why is Prometheus not a good choice for data with high cardinality?

I have a background in relational databases and new to Prometheus. I wonder why Prometheus is not a good choice for high cardinality data? Why do I need to use low cardinality data? It's exact ...
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What are your companies policies for S3 data durability?

AWS says that their systems are designed for 99.999999999% durability, but apparently there is no guarantees in their SLA. Yes, this can (hypothetically) be improved by using cross-region replication,...
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How to shut down a stateless app gracefully?

Quote from CF training on twelve-factor app’s processes are disposable: Apps should also shut down gracefully (but can also die unexpectedly). Cloud Foundry stops routing traffic nearly ...
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Persistent Storage with Docker in Production - Which Solution and Why?

I've recently started working for a company that wants to break their monolithic SaaS application up into containerized microservices. I'm having a hard time grasping a fundamental part of persistent ...
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What strategies can be employed to secure sensitive data in log files?

Working in highly regulated environments data is classified in different ways depending on the sensitivity. In some cases, this is legally enforced and must be treated differently. Examples of a data ...
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