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Use this tag for questions about deployment, which is about all the activities to make (part of) a system available for use in some target environment.

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How do I automate deployments with Kubernetes?

Assuming I have Kubernetes deployed via Rancher and Jenkins is building new images and pushing them to DockerHub upon check-in of new code to GitHub, how do I automate getting new images deployed? ...
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Are there any drawbacks of using a deb package as if it was a container to deploy an application?

My team is currently trying to decide if we should deploy our Nodejs app as a deb package instead of trying to run it in a container such as Docker. I got this idea from reading this blog here which ...
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How to support releasing new versions of the code, running in parallel with the last stable release?

I have one service in production (on AWS), which follows the immutable server pattern. Its deployment looks like this: Create a new AMI with Packer. Create a new CloudFormation stack, starting with ...
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Continuous Deployment best practices for managing application configuration

My CD pipeline: Get Docker image (created and pushed during CI stage). Copy docker-compose .yml template to target server. Run the app. Let's go straight to the 3rd point. I can run the app using ...
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Methodology for software development and deploy in fast-paced agency

Background: Three months ago I was called to do a freelance job for a rather big agency, with 40~50 employees. Things were chaotic when I got here. The entire development team had been hired by ...
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Limits of, or preconditions for of Blue-Green deployment?

I find a lot information about the blue green deployment pattern but maybe miss a point. Please help me to understand. Could it be scenarios where you can't successfully duplicate the information ...
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Octopus server installation on Linux

I learnt that, Octopus server can be installed on Windows 2008, 2012, 2016 server editions I see msi packages on Download page Can Octopus server be installed on Ubuntu? Can tentacle software be ...
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AWS ECR start uploaded docker image?

I used packer to upload a docker image I created to my AWS ECR repository. How can I use the AWS cli to automatically locate that image, create a new cluster, set the port rules to allow all inbound ...
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