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Use this tag for questions about deployment, which is about all the activities to make (part of) a system available for use in some target environment.

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What is the difference between packages and artifacts?

I would like to understand the difference between package and artifact. Also In what context we should use these terms.
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How can I share a (global) variable between salt states?

I am using Salt for deployment and configuration management. In order to attach to a FreeIPA server, I need to randomly generate an OTP token and then use it to attach to IPA. How can I share a ...
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Disable a Jenkins pipeline on failure? Issue with a central deployment job

Consider a structure of X micro services and 2 environments; staging and production. Each of these micro services is represented by a separate git repository, when a merge to master happens on any of ...
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Where to Store Container Configuration

(I reviewed this question but the one answer doesn't offer practical solutions.) The general wisdom when it comes to containers appears to be: "Make them immutable and identical." I take this to ...
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Javascript based alternative to Fabric

Is there a similar DevOps tool to fabric with JavaScript as its scripting language? I'm specifically interested in the remote execution side. Most of the tools I've found rely on python (e.g fabric) ...
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Windows network share application deployment automation

We have a historically grown setup of interface applications that needs to be inventorized and cleaned up. Afterwards deployment should be automated and application versions somehow documented. My ...
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How to synchronize deployments (especially of database object changes) on multiple environments [duplicate]

I am the DevOps engineer and a software engineer in a team where months back, the developers moved from having a central Oracle DB to having the DB on a CentOS VM on their individual laptops. The move ...
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Tool for storing per environment configuration

I have a requirement to store configuration information on a per environment basis in a tool. This is a tool with a GUI for adding/updating configuration values (e.g connection strings). This should ...
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Are configuration management tools appropriate to use as deployment tools?

Off the back of my answer to the question: How can DevOps help to improve Software Escrow procedures? Tensibai had the question: What would necessitate Capistrano on top of puppet or chef? My ...
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Which ways are there to decouple deployment from release?

One method of continuous deployment is to decouple deployment from release, i.e. deploy updates without activating the changes immediately. I know that feature-toggles can be used for this, but I'm ...
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How to implement Continuous Deployment in Angular, PHP API and Ansible projects?

I am working on an Angular2 project with Yii2 (PHP/MySQL) as its API point. We will need to deploy the Angular app in different languages for different customers (using AOT compilation from angular-...
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How to store credentials that are required by an application?

Everyone is saying that storing credentials in version control (git) is a bad thing. So there must be other ways to store credentials which are much better. An application must receive credentials ...
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How to achieve a smooth transition from “the one big VCS repository for all products” organisation model to the “many small VCS repositories” model?

It is a common scenario that the codebase of a product held by a repository in some VCS system evolves to a point where that codebase can arguably be seen as containing several products. Splitting ...
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To design a blue green deploy how to publish websocket traffic from live to hot swap server

A blue green deploy involves pumping live prod data flows (blue) into a hot swap non prod environment (green) in preparation to deploy to live the green environment, such that the green has full data ...
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How to prevent failure from introduced changes? [closed]

The DevOps Report by Puppet Labs states that "devopsy" companies have 3x times lower failure rate. While other companies must have a fairly regular rate of failures from deployments to production. ...
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How to deploy software every second? [closed]

Companies such as Amazon, Etsy, Google, Facebook and others are publicly saying they deploy software thousands time per day. What are they doing that is so different from other companies? How can ...
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Is it possible to autodeploy on every commit in a specific branch using Travis CI and GitHub?

I'd like to deploy files using Travis CI and it only works for a tagged commit. When committing to the branch, there is a warning: Skipping a deployment with the releases provider because this is ...
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Are there any drawbacks of using a deb package as if it was a container to deploy an application?

My team is currently trying to decide if we should deploy our Nodejs app as a deb package instead of trying to run it in a container such as Docker. I got this idea from reading this blog here which ...
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