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Questions tagged [digital-ocean]

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Kubernetes is no accepting traffic from my Load Balancer when I deploy it in Terraform in DigitalOcean

When I deploy my ingress controller I get an error from digital ocean dashboard 0/1 Kubernetes nodes accepting traffic -- First I create my kubernetes cluster named avatares_cluster # ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to run a droplet on Digital Ocean without a public IP?

I am provisioning droplets on Digital Ocean with Terraform. I would like some of those droplets to be blocked from the internet, except for the Shared Private Network, and their appropriate gateway on ...
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Digital Ocean vs AWS EC2 for Laravel based application

I'm working on a project based on Microservice architecture in Laravel, which means I'll have many small apps and Databases, I'm confused weather I should buy AWS EC2 or Digital Ocean's hosting. My ...
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