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For questions about Disaster Recovery Plans (=DRP).

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Cross-region event-driven architecture

My company use AWS for a few event-driven apps. The catch is that all events are either time-based (9pm daily, month-end, quarter-end, etc.) or S3-based (put object, deleted object, etc.). The setup ...
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Queries in RabbitMQ Federation Multi Region setup for DR

Below is my current setup: RabbitMq cluster of 3 nodes in AWS us-east-1 region across 3 AZs with a load balancer. And I have set up one additional RabbitMq instance in AWS us-west-2 region for DR ...
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Does Recovery Point Objective include Recovery Time?

Let's say that the database is backed up daily at 21:00. So, RPO is 24 hours; if a crash occurs at 20:59, we lose 24 hours of data. Let's say that it takes 2 hours to get up and running--an RTO of 2 ...
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Export AWS RDS mysql Database to S3 Bucket using xtrabackup or any other method

I have an AWS RDS MySQL Database. The size of the Database is around of 1.5 GB. We are using MySQL 5.7.32. We tried with SQL dump but in dump data is missing in Dump. We found out that we can use ...
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Cross region replication of Redis Docker container data

I am looking for some help with figuring out a way to take a Redis Docker image and then do near real time replication of the data to another server maybe over an SSH tunnnel. I need this to be able ...
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Original Helm chart gone - how can I find / get it from the cluster?

I'm connected to a cluster which has a release, from a chart, but it was installed by someone else who I think used a tweaked, locally-stored chart. I don't have access to their original chart/repo. ...
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Best practices for external backups for S3 buckets?

I would like to know how everyone is making external backups of S3 buckets and best practices/recommendations for this. Regardless of how good AWS is it is still a single point of failure. Especially ...
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How to improve DRP-testing of SE sites?

Have a look at what's described in the question about "Brief outage planned for Wed, May 3, 2017 at 0:00 UTC, 8pm US/Eastern (like a fire drill for computers)", which is about testing of the existing "...
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