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Questions tagged [dns]

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system built on a distributed database for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network.

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Apex domain to point to an Openshift ROSA application

We have a ROSA (Openshift on AWS) cluster, working fine with all kinds of domains except one, which happens to be an apex of the Hosting Zone in our Route53. So, say, the domain is and it'...
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How can I free up the Azure default domain name for use in another web app?

TL;DR: Is there any way to delete the default domain for an Azure web app? I want to reuse the domain name with a different app. I need to take over the administration and start paying the bills for ...
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2 answers

How to setup ExternalDNS on Microk8s cluster?

I have a Highly Available, 3 nods, Microk8s cluster with MetalLB and Ingress. The cluster is supposed to serve a website with high availability. I want to enable ExternalDNS for the website with the ...
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How to preserve custom changes in Core DNS(Kube-DNS) in OKE(Oracle Cloud Kubernetes)?

I have created an Enhanced Cluster of Kubernetes(OKE) in Oracle Cloud (OCI). In the cluster I am required to do some communication from pods to some VM instances outside OKE but in the same VCN subnet ...
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Contact Service DNS from another subnet of Kubernetes Cluster

I have a Kubernetes Cluster with its VNet and in the Kubernetes Cluster VNet I have two (or more) subnets: aks-subnet with where PODs are taking their IPs (default / created with ...
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Cannot solve specific dns record on kubernetes (coredns / nodelocaldns)

I hit a weird problem with coredns/nodelocaldns, basically I can't resolve a specific dns record for a domain. The record is , it answers correctly tho if I dig with +tcp or use ...
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Azure Kubernetes pod is inaccessible from another pod

Internally we have a Spark Executor and Spark Driver running in Kubernetes. When you run a Spark Job in Kubernetes, Spark will create 2 types of pods Spark Drivers and Spark Executors. The Spark ...
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