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Docker-compose is a tool that is able to run multiple container by issuing `docker-compose up`. One of the features is that DNS mappings could be made between the containers so that they can find each other.

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Connect Docker container to both host and internal bridge network

I am trying to run a Docker container as a router between a private (--internal) Docker network and the predefined host network. This means the container needs to have two network interfaces: One "...
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What is the purpose of running PHP-FPM in its own container instead in the same container as apache2/nginx?

I'm fairly new to Docker so excuse any obvious ignorance or misunderstandings. That said, I've been coding and configuring web applications for a long time now. I have recently been dabbling with some ...
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Continuous Deployment best practices for managing application configuration

My CD pipeline: Get Docker image (created and pushed during CI stage). Copy docker-compose .yml template to target server. Run the app. Let's go straight to the 3rd point. I can run the app using ...
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How to move disk image in the command line?

As answered in this questions: Does Docker on MacOS support tmpfs? In order to run in memory docker, I need to move docker volumes to ramdisk. In macOS I can do it through docker preferences. However, ...
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How to populate docker volumes in a build step to be used by a different container

I currently have a Docker compose based web app that uses Nginx as a reverse proxy that forwards traffic to a Flask and Grafana docker instance. The task at hand is to integrate a SSG (static site ...
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How do I make NFS volumes reliable in Docker?

I host various docker containers on my Ubuntu 18 machine. A few of them require storing their data on my Synology NAS. At first, I was using the host machine's /etc/fstab to control NFS mounts, which ...
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How to Connect Docker Containers?

In "What is a container?" the docker docs show the following nifty image: For my scenario I have only App A and App B; let's designate them Alice and Bob. How do Alice and Bob communicate, ...
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how to push an image to docker hub?

How do I push this image to docker hub? root $ root $ docker images helloworld_web REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE helloworld_web latest ...
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How to copy HTML files to include into nginx?

How do I copy an index.html file into nginx? root@mordor:/home/nicholas/docker/nginx# root@mordor:/home/nicholas/docker/nginx# ll total 12 drwxrwxr-x 2 nicholas nicholas 4096 Nov 13 16:18 ./ drwxrwxr-...
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CD (Continuous Deployment) best practices for managing configuration [duplicate]

My CD pipeline: Get docker image (created and pushed during CI stage) Copy docker-compose .yml template to target server Run the app Let's go straight to the 3rd point. I can run the app using ...