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Docker Hub is a cloud-based registry service developed by Docker Inc in order to distribute Docker images.

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How to Ensure ArgoCD Is Monitoring Dockerhub?

Context I deployed an application on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm and ArgoCD. ArgoCD is tasked with monitoring a GitLab repo (called manifests) which contains the Helm chart and application config. ...
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How can I use two different docker container on the production server (after pushing to DockerHub)?

I have the docker-compose file with two containers. "nginx" container depends on "demo" (it's python django backend). version: '3.9' volumes: static: services: demo: ...
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How docker images are identified with sha?

There is an official busybox:1.36.1 docker image on Dockerhub (link). It has 3 different sha: when I pull it, I see Digest: sha256:2376a0c12759aa1214ba83e771ff252c7b1663216b192fbe5e0fb364e952f85c ...
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How to find dockerhub image tags using given docker image ID (sha)?

I have a server running docker containers for years. Containers was started from dockerhub images by tags, which do not include a specific version: $ docker ps | grep redis 0123456789ab redis:alpine ...
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K8s with docker hub

I have configured jenkins with Jenkins notices if commit occurs and then jenkins make the docker image and upload the new image to docker hub. How can I make k8s listens to docker hub i.e. ...
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