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7 votes
1 answer

Where is the documentation of Kubernetes API server configurations?

Questions Where is the explanations or documentations of the Kubernetes API Server configuration parameters? Background There are parameters to configure for Kubernetes API server e.g. ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is there an established scheme for creating diagrams about Containers, Services etc.?

We have UML to describe classes, components, workflows. We have BPMN to describe business processes. We have more old-fashioned forms used in times past for structural diagrams. Is there anything ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Need help getting documentation of Jenkins

I need a little help over here: In every site I seek info to get started using Jenkins (i.e.: devopscube) they say is very easy to understand, and theoretically is really simple once you have look ...
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0 answers

Generating .MD files from XML Documentation for C++?

I am searching for a way to generate Markdown files from XML Documentation files (like the ones generated by Visual Studio). I have found several tools (Vsxmd, DefaultDocumentation, etc.) that do this ...
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