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Why Elasticsearch is terminated if I bind mount a volume?

In my docker-compose I setup an elasticsearch container: version: "3.3" services: elasticsearch: build: context: . dockerfile: ./dockerfiles/DockerfileElasticSearch ...
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Filebeat config for reading a data from a specific path

i'm trying to setup elk stack using docker compose. i'm using below file beat config filebeat.inputs: type: filestream id: default-filestream paths: ingest_data/*.log filebeat.autodiscover: ...
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Logstash error: open /usr/share/logstash/config/logstash.yml: permission denied

I have a logging repo that contains filebeat, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana and a setup file, it is running normally on different servers using dockers, but now i am trying to build it on a new ...
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How to curl elastic or kibana api for alerts?

I am learning to use the ELK stack. Both kibana and elasticsearch are installed on my localhost. I just learnt how to install metricbeat and how to set up alerts. When setting up the alerts, I used ...
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