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Questions tagged [elasticsearch]

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How to curl elastic or kibana api for alerts?

I am learning to use the ELK stack. Both kibana and elasticsearch are installed on my localhost. I just learnt how to install metricbeat and how to set up alerts. When setting up the alerts, I used ...
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How to monitor ELK using metricbeat on kubernetes (v8 compatible and simple solution)

For probably more than a year there's been a deprecation warning on xpack monitoring in elasticsearch, logstash, kibana etc. saying the built-in monitoring is going to disappear. Since I don't like ...
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Unable to connect to Elasticsearch [ Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms ]

I have installed elasticsearch-oss 7.9.2 and kibana 7.9.2 on ubuntu 18.04 when I start elasticsearch service then it's started normally but when I start service kibana it's not starting and shows ...
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Internal proxy for external system

I have a web server in a Kubernetes Deployment which uses an ElasticSearch instance on ElasticCloud. I have parameterised (thanks to environment variables) my container, from a Secret, with this kind ...
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ECK - Install Plugins: Error privileges

My setup: AWS EKS * Platform: eks.3 * K8s: 1.18 ECK (Elastic Cloud Kubernetes): * Deployment via: Operator * Elasticsearch version: 7.10.1 Summary I'm trying to install the repository-s3 plugin at ...
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Elasticsearch on Docker - file permission issues

I am trying to test LDAP in elasticsearch/kibana by running it in Docker on Windows 10. I pulled the image down: docker pull And ran it: docker ...
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How do I run opendistro elasticsearch in docker on HTTP

I'm trying to run the docker image of the AWS opendistro elasticsearch on my laptop for tesing When I run it, it expects an ...
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How to avoid Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes memory configuration deadlock?

I'm specifying an Elasticsearch cluster with the from Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes 2.12 CRD like spec: nodeSets: - config:
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Why Elasticsearch is terminated if I bind mount a volume?

In my docker-compose I setup an elasticsearch container: version: "3.3" services: elasticsearch: build: context: . dockerfile: ./dockerfiles/DockerfileElasticSearch ...
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