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Post jenkins console output to slack or email

for freestyle job there is a method for console output to share with slack or jenkins for pipeline we don't have one. help here
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AWS SES - Sending limits on shared IP

I am looking to use AWS SES for SMTP Traffic however I can't find an answer anywhere as to what Amazon deems as "High Volume" and therefore would benefit from a dedicated IP Rather than ...
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How to determine whether the Jenkins build was started by a user or the scheduler?

I have a Jenkins job which does some unit-testing for some code. It can be started in two possible ways: By the scheduler - it polls the Perforce server, and starts the job when it detects a code ...
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Forwarding email for an entire domain

I recently acquired the .com of my company name; previously been using .net domain. I don’t want to switch emails from .net, is it possible to setup anything at my .com to forward to my .net ...
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