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Questions tagged [feature-toggles]

Feature Toggles are a technique applied by Software Engineers to code bases, allowing teams to modify system behaviour without changing code. Feature Toggles are closely related to the concept of Feature Flags.

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Static Analysis for Feature Flag Safety

In a CD environment with new features hidden behind feature flags, there must be a way to ensure that code being pushed to production is effectively zero change? Particularly in a change management ...
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feature flags vs versioning for APIs

We are looking at moving to a trunk based development branching strategy rather than gitflow that we currently use. I understand that feature flags are crucial to trunk based development. However, is ...
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How to use feature toggles and frequent deployment under SOX compliance?

Feature toggles (or feature flags) enable me to deploy unfinished features without comprehensive manual testing of features toggled off. We can toggle the feature on for certain users, try it out, and ...
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What is the preferred method of using feature flags in Flask? [closed]

I wanted to ask what the preferred tool, method or framework is when using feature flags with Flask applications. The main problem is that the most relevant result has not seen an update since 3 years,...
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What is the difference between feature flags and feature toggles (if any)?

Part of an answer to my (meta) question "Rename feature-flags to feature-toggles?" is like so: ... There's could be valid questions about feature flags (formalism, documentation about them, process ...
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What feature toggle frameworks are available out there? [closed]

Question inspired by How to persuade developers to start using feature flag toggles? Find a feature toggle framework. Management/the business may be more amenable to trying something supported ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Which ways are there to decouple deployment from release?

One method of continuous deployment is to decouple deployment from release, i.e. deploy updates without activating the changes immediately. I know that feature-toggles can be used for this, but I'm ...
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20 votes
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What is a 'Feature Flag Toggle' and when to use them (or not)?

There are some questions about feature flag toggles, such as: How to persuade developers to start using feature flag toggles? How to use feature flag toggles? Questions: What is actually a "feature ...
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