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How to modify/allow firewall rules of a GCP instance directly from the CLI?

Is there anyway to allow the ports from CLI? I have an instance in GCP and I have installed a service which by default runs on Port:8080. I know there is an option to change the firewall rules to ...
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Debug Docker networking and Windows 10 firewall

Given: Windows 10 / 64 bit Docker edge 17.11-ce-win40 Experiment: docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8080 tomcat:8.0 Expected behaviour: If all network settings are okay, Tomcat must be reachable ...
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What is a good strategy to prevent Ansible playbook runs against the wrong hosts? [duplicate]

It is too easy to run playbooks on the wrong hosts in Ansible I know the best practice would be to use --limit to make sure you can not select the wrong host. I do not trust --limit to ensure Ansible ...
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Why do I get "Connection Refused" when attempting to connect to IPFS API using HTTP?

Created a Digital Ocean Ubuntu 20.04 droplet and setup an IPFS server node in it based on this tutorial. If I run the following command in the server ipfs swarm peers I get the expected results In ...
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How to get the ip range of

I have denied all outgoing traffic, but need to allow some of them in order to allow the installation of certain software packages. One of such packages resides on github and that means that the ip ...
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Consumption Plan Function App to Firewalled Storage problem

I am trying to connect a (python) function app to a storage resource. The storage has a public container that is accessed by several company internal HTML/CSS pages ($web). Unfortunately, this ...
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Azure Devops x On-Premises

Do I need to allow Azure DevOps access to the On-Premises environment? According to the document at " view = ...
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