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Best approach to toggle app availability in azure?

I have an azure webapp based on a docker image that implements an image processing API and is expensive to leave active 24/7. I'm wondering if there's an easy-to-manage way to auto-scale from 0 to 1 ...
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Configuration for Cloudflare endpoint using SSL to Kubernetes (load balancer & flask service)

Here is a summary of what I'm trying to do: I can get my flask app to respond without HTTPS/SSL. But am receiving a '503 Service Unavailable' when I am trying to use SSL. My understanding is since ...
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hello world with flask and redis using docker networking

The sample from Docker, a "hello world" with redis and flask, seems to build fine, but, as an exercise can it be broken into two components? The redis service uses a public Redis image ...
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Docker container host machine communication

Hi i’m trying to communicate with mongodb in the host from a flask container… So using “” on the URI didn’t work (host machine is Ubuntu) Any suggestions ?? To solve this
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Is it a bad idea to use a web app including nginx, gunicorn and flask in a single docker container? [duplicate]

I want to deploy a web app as a docker container. Currently I need to set up nginx, gunicorn and flask to realize this. There are many guides around to do it in docker but always divide it in two ...
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What's the benefit of using Nginx to serve a Flask API on AWS?

I want to deploy a Flask API on AWS using Docker. A common way seems to be using a combination of Nginx + app server (e.g Gunicorn) + Flask app. The reason to use app server seems obvious to me. ...
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Problem with logging in docker when using fluentd for logging of three flask apps running in a docker network behind an nginx

I am facing a strange problem with logging when I set up a network of three docker containers each running a small flask app. My python application looks as follows: from flask import Flask, request ...
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Google cloud container running 40x slower then on aws [closed]

i have a flask api tunning a pytorch predict inside a kubernetes cluster. I deployed it on AWS and got good results. I have tried on GKE and had good results, but when im deploying my pods on a high ...
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Where can I find a Dockerfile + required files to create a Flask/MySQL forum/webapp with users?

What I mean, is that I can simply run a command or download a .zip file that results in having a Dockerfile with the whole development environment baked in and includes not just Flask and MySQL set up,...
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What is the preferred method of using feature flags in Flask? [closed]

I wanted to ask what the preferred tool, method or framework is when using feature flags with Flask applications. The main problem is that the most relevant result has not seen an update since 3 years,...
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How to make fast JSON responses (or equivalent) between server app and front-end apps all running on OpenShift?

I have a system with 5 source data stores (mostly PostgreSQL databases) from which, I want to connect them all to containers running on OpenShift: A library of react applications who's components make ...
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