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Suggestions on a possible simplification of an infrastructure

I have a somewhat complex infrastructure situation to manage. I have 3 logging source systems (standalone applications logging on linux machines, frontend applications logging on Appinsights and ...
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How to configure OUTPUT for a custom Fluent-bit to work with GKE?

I have found an article feedbackCustomizing Cloud Logging logs for Google Kubernetes Engine with Fluentd that links to the following sample configuration: [OUTPUT] # write the log records that ...
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What is the difference between Fluent Bit and Prometheus?

From what I've seen, Prometheus scrapes data and metrics and displays them and Fluent Bit collects logs and metrics and can output them. So, are they doing the same thing, i.e. should I choose one ...
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Fluentd unable to read logs from all namespaces

I have a cluster installed on Openshift and used the Cluster Logging Operator and Elasticsearch Operator to enable logging on the cluster. On Kibana, I am only able to see the logs from certain ...
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elasticsearch-fluentd helm chart on Openshift 3.11 pod failing

I install a fluentd chart on OKD 3.11 with: helm install kiwigrid/fluentd-elasticsearch \ --name fluentd \ -f ../../tools/fluentd/values.yaml \ --namespace logging The pod is created, I can enter in ...
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Fluentd log shipment. Index assigning [closed]

I'm using Fluentd for shipping two types of logs to Elasticsearch cluster (application and syslog). And I'd like to assign different indices to them. Here is my try but it doesn't work. Could anybody ...
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