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bitbucket pipeline to push commits to another repo

So this is the scenario i have right now, we have a repo (boilerplate) that contains our infrastructure code, docker files, and pipeline scripts, each time we create a new project we copy this repo to ...
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Jenkins declarative pipeline with mvn, releases and versioned artifactory

We have a requirement to support human defined versions (not auto generated) for patch releases. I'm trying to figure out a way to do this in Jenkins. We have: BitBucket, Jenkins, Nexus/JFrog (either)...
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2 answers

How to incorporate feedback from pull request

I am new to bitbucket. I tried to google it but unable to find exact answer for my question. I created a feature branch. Made few changes in the feature branch then I pushed/committed all the changes ...
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Bitbucket: Is there any option to restrict deletion of release branch only after it is merged to master

We are using GitFlow workflow. After merging the release/* branch to master, we need to close the branch. For this task, we need to provide deletion access to pull request merger but in this case, ...
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Deploying and testing features on a server by more than one developer

I have 4 environments (prod/preprod/SIT/DEV), also two main branches (Master & Develop), two developers work on features (One & Two). Developer One creates a feature (Feature A), he then ...
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JenkinsFile to get git branch name

I want to get git current checkout BRANCH NAME in my Jenkins file here is the code snippet... Here I am trying to push a file to my current branch I have tried many things could not find it... ...
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2 answers

How to trigger Jenkins Pipeline by push in specific branch in Bitbucket?

I've created Jenkins Pipeline Job, activated "Build when a change is pushed to BitBucket" trigger. I've also specified branches to build. But pipeline is triggered by all branch changes. Also I've ...
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1 answer

Jenkins shows "No changes in any of the builds."

Description Jenkins job was made and configured to build release branch which already existed and had changes on it before first build. Job also monitors for push on BitBucket and starts building if ...
12 votes
2 answers

how to automatically create a subdomain for every pull request

Background I got a team of untechnical QA's who have to do testing on iOS/android apps for every Pull Request (PR) that gets created by my backend team. Question This is what I want to do: ...
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2 answers

Git & Jenkins: get latest green commit on branch

We're just starting to push for CI-CD and as a baby step we're going to try updating a stack with the latest green develop once every couple of hours. I am fairly new to Git/Bitbucket, and can't ...
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