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For questions about git hooks, which are customisation scripts extending the default capabilities of git version control repositories.

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bitbucket pipeline to push commits to another repo

So this is the scenario i have right now, we have a repo (boilerplate) that contains our infrastructure code, docker files, and pipeline scripts, each time we create a new project we copy this repo to ...
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Jenkins trigger build if shared library changes

I have Jenkins Pipeline job define in my git repo as. // File: deployment/jenkinsfiles/staging/Merge @Library("my_shared_lib") _ import pipeline { agent { label "...
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CI platforms versus simple git hooks

Newbie to devops here and apologies this is probably a stupid question, but, what is the point of CI platforms? It seems to me that just by using git hooks I can automatically run all my unit tests ...
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Git Files Encryption for Business

I am using git and have the following problem: In the company where I work you now want to protect the source code from theft. So if for some reason a developer lets the source code of a project go ...
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how to automatically create a subdomain for every pull request

Background I got a team of untechnical QA's who have to do testing on iOS/android apps for every Pull Request (PR) that gets created by my backend team. Question This is what I want to do: ...
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Problems with integrating Python script in a Bash script Git pre-receive hook [closed]

We have a pre-receive hook script in a bash shell script that enforces commits with messages having the right ticket number in a pre-defined format. We also have a separate python script that can be ...
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How to implement blue-green deployment with one master branch

I was told that they easy way out is to have two production branches, master/blue and master/green, git merge action triggers CI to deploy to the matching stacks. Is that possible to do it with single ...
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Are git pre-receive/update hooks serialized?

I'm investigating the possibility of implementing a "pre-commit" verification flow, enforced on the central SCM server side. By "pre-commit" in this paragraph I don't mean the git pre-commit hook, I ...
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