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Installing helm chart inside a Go k8s custom controller for CRD: pros and cons?

I am writing a k8s operator using kubebuilder and Go. I have a few CRDs and controllers. One of the controllers needs to create a collection of statefulsets, deployments, services, etc. when a custom ...
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Print application log in an external directory from Golang application deployed in Kubernetes cluster

I am new to containerization. I have a Golang application deployed in a Kubernetes cluster inside an Ubuntu VM. I can access the application log using k logs -f <pod-name> command. However, I ...
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How to access variables of a yaml file in gitlab-ci.yml file

How to access and use variables of one yaml file in gitla-ci.yml. Suppose here is my file: --- default: repo_name: deb-build package_name: abc destination: "/opt/bin" builds: ...
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ipfs-update isn't showing the expected version list

I ran go get -u and got in the end of what it looks like an installation going on the following go get: installing executables with 'go get' in module mode is deprecated. ...
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Error: error loading plugins: loading plugin /data/ipfs/plugins/ not built with cgo support

After cloning this repo run make build (getting as output run make install make the appropriate changes in both /data/ipfs/config "Datastore": { "BloomFilterSize"...
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Failed to start windows service with Start Parameter in golang

I've tried to create a executable as a windows service using golang based on example provided in I intended to create auto start service ...
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Is it possible to control Packer from golang?

We use Terraform quite a bit and it has some nice tooling like Terratest where you can essentially call Terraform from within Golang wrapped inside an API with proper error handling. I wonder if ...
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golang and circle CI setup

Go and devops are both new things for me. I'd like to setup a CI that tests and builds my module, then stores artifacts for download. In addition it'd be good to cache dependencies for next builds. I ...
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Reuse Alertmanger Slack Integration into Jiralert template

What kind of changes need to be made to a slack template in order to reuse into Jiralert one? Can I utilize the whole body as it is, can somebody post an example of a working resuse, even for the ...
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Amazon S3 bucket does not redirect folder URLs to index.html

I have uploaded my HUGO static site into AWS S3 Bucket. I have also added the domain in cloudrfront. The home index.html page works fine, but I cannot access my resources. For example https://www....
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How do I use docker command's "--format" option?

I can't seem to find any good documentation on how to use the docker command's "--format" option in real life. I know how to use Go templates. But specific to docker, how do I know what placeholders ...
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What Golang function could be used to enforce a minimum code coverage and return an Exit1 if false?

Follow-up to this Q&A. How to ensure that a certain minimal code coverage is reached in Golang? E.g. if the CI runs, the build should fail if the code coverage is less than X percent. In Java, ...
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