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Questions tagged [google-kubernetes-engine]

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rbac policies for gke namespace

Hi I'm looking for rbac policies for gke cluster to apply on a particular namespace and it should restrict the creation of load balancer, ingress, and gateway load balancers and it should allow all ...
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Google cloud shows persistent disk SSD is full, wherease I do not have anything deployed currently

I am deploying a kubernetes cluster always in the demo namespace. However, even after deleting my namespace, google cloud shows almost full persistent disk usage. This behaviour does not happen every ...
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Pod to pod communication GKE

I have this terraform-kubernetes script terraform1 so prometheus scraping list of pods, and hitting /metrics based on custom resource Prometheus and PodMonitor rules it's working fine locally using ...
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Reverse proxy in front of Google Artifact Registry (GAR)

Using GAR, requires the usage of some "generic" URLs, like europe-west-1-docker.pkg// We would like to use a custom URL and then load balance to the proper registry based on that URL/path. ...
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How can I change the context of kubectl commands and helm?

Currently helm is installing to the wrong cluster on GKE, how can I install to a different cluster?
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How do I figure out what cluster helm installed on Google GKE?

When I run a command like helm install MyApp How do I know what cluster it will install too using Google GKE?
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Argo workflows health checks failing in GKE

I am trying to expose my argo workflows deployment to a domain but I keep getting Server Error when I access the domain: I setup a GKE ingress and been trying to fix the health ...
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Kubernetes deployement with minimum disruption to websocket connections

Problem statement: Make a deployment with minimum disruption to clients connected via websockets. Stack: GKE (Regional cluster - 1.22.8-gke.200), helm, Node.js/websockets, HPA, Rolling Update. Our ...
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ImagePullBackOff err while pulling docker image in different project in Google Cloud

I am trying to pull a private image from Artifact Registry repo in Google Cloud from a kubernetes cluster running in a different Google Cloud project using kubectl. kubernetes version 1.20.15-gke.1000 ...
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Google Kubernetes Engine's auto-pilot mode does not grant nodes Google Storage write access

I am trying to use the workflow orchestrator Snakemake with a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) autopilot cluster. My workflow needs to upload files to Google Cloud Storage buckets within the same ...
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Why is my GCP managed Cert not working with kubernetes

I have the following that seems to work... apiVersion: kind: Ingress metadata: name: test-ingress namespace: test annotations:
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how to schedule container in GCP

I have 5 tasks in my project that need to be run periodically. Some of these tasks are run on a daily basis, some on a weekly basis. I try to containerize each task in a Docker image. Here is one ...
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mounting overlayfs within kubernetes POD - "cannot mount overlay read-only"

I try to "manually" mount an overlayfs within a Kubernetes POD, to create a copy-on-write layer on top of a shared persistent volume. (For running a read-only postgres - postgres cannot run ...
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Using counted data source in non-counted provider block in Terraform

I'm new to Terraform, I need suggestion about handling one case where I need to use data from counted data-source to un-counted provider. I need to fetch the gke-cluster context and pass it to ...
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How to resolve a problem "certificate signed by unknown authority" in GKE on pulling image (a private registry) when a pod is created?

I generated a CA certificate, then issued a certificate based on it for a private registry, that located in the same GKE cluster. Put the server certificates to the private registry and the CA ...
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Jenkins and Kubernetes CLI plugin and GKE

I'm trying to use Jenkins Kubernetes CLI plugin from to let deploy artifacts from Jenkins to GKE cluster. Expected Behavior Get cluster info on kubectl ...
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How can I expose Ingress service on 80 and 443 to the outer world

I used google compute engine to setup a Self Managed Kubernetes, While exposing ingress service via NodePort/LoadBalancer/EnternalIP, it is using default 30000 port range, But I want to expose it on ...
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