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Passing Gradle credentials into Jenkins `dockerfile`agent?

I am looking at getting a newly provisioned Jenkins to run an existing dockerfile which does a gradle build and produces a runtime image which is then to be pushed to our internal docker repository. I ...
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How to copy library source code from other Git repo to an Android Gradle application GitLab build process?

There is an Android application using Grandle for build. It uses a "library" stated in build.gradle file: dependencies { api project(path: ':specialproject.speciallibrary', configuration:...
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Jenkins Tool vs Slave local tool

What is the difference between using maven as a tool versus having a slave that has maven installed? I am using Jenkins on OCP and it came with a slave image for maven and not setup as a tool. I now ...
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Jenkins: Gradle daemon closes unexpectedly

I am running Jenkins (ver: 2.150.3) with gradle (ver: 4.1) I am getting an error that says the gradle daemon closed unexpectedly. Google says it would most likely be gradle running out of memory. So ...
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How to build all projects in a monorepo by starting a build in Jenkins?

We have a monorepo that consists of multiple projects that contain a build file. How to ensure that all these projects will be built when the job is triggered? One solution I am thinking about is ...
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Multiple gradle builds with docker

I have a multi-branch setup on Jenkins for my Gradle project. I would like to be efficient in terms of performance and cost as well (money!). Meaning, if would like to build my project many times, for ...
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Is Gradle used to automate deployment of EAR and WAR files to application servers?

I'm getting a bit deeper into Gradle and want to further automate the process. Generally speaking what are the approaches towards interacting with application servers? I'd want to automate deploying ...
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