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Questions tagged [http]

For questions about the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which is a network protocol used for transferring content on the World Wide Web.

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how to use docker with http protocol to login or pull docker images from local nexus repository?

I have two servers with no internet on them.One of them is my nexus repository with so many docker images on it.As I have no internet on them ,I can't pull any image because of no ssl configured.I get ...
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I have the next ingress (output of "kubectl get ingress") NAME HOSTS ADDRESS PORTS AGE main * 80 46m But when I try to visit that IP address in ...
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Can't access startfile http://localhost/

Having created a docker container as: docker run -d --name=jetty jetty How do I now get a hello world page as? Looking up localhost:8080 Making HTTP connection to localhost:8080 Alert!: Unable to ...
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Service for hosting native JavaScript ES modules

We will be serving static javascript ES modules and looking for an all-in-one hosting platform that is easy to use. It must provide CORS headers (ES modules enable CORS by default) HTTP/2 support is ...
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How to make an AWS S3 bucket accessible over HTTP?

Does AWS S3 provide a way to make bucket's files available over HTTP preferably protected with BASIC_AUTH? I mean listing the files (index) and make it possible to download them over HTTP.
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Auto-scaling, how to securely get code from private repo

I want to setup an auto-scaling configuration but cannot think how I can securely get code from a private repo when I spin up new instances. I obviously don't want to put passwords in startup scripts,...
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1 answer

Jmeter simulating traffic and avoiding 429

I am using Jmeter to investigate the performance and capacity needs of a few web services. Jmeter sends traffic to the web-facing url (served by Nginx), with a rising rate, to see where the service ...
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Nginx /foo and /foo/ redirects

I want both http://domain/foo and http://domain/foo/ requests to serve a given resource. Here's the relevant part: location / { rewrite /(.*) /ipns/QmdpoFuwY/$1 break; proxy_pass http:/...
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To design a blue green deploy how to publish websocket traffic from live to hot swap server

A blue green deploy involves pumping live prod data flows (blue) into a hot swap non prod environment (green) in preparation to deploy to live the green environment, such that the green has full data ...
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